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With the ever increasing cases of COVID-19 and the uncertainty as to when this pandemic will finally come to an end, DR Accounting, LLC has taken exta steps to ensure your safety, while still providing the same level of detail and attention to all your business or tax needs.

While it is rare someone could catch Covid-19 by merely touching a piece of paper, or other similar items, nevertheless sanitzation procedures are carried out prior to the distribution of such items to include; washing hands, face and wiping down items following CDC recommended guidelines.

To further minimize the risk of infection, DR Accounting LLC, is also providing services remotely. This means you can securely upload your documents, make payments and meet remotely on Zoom via this website. As usual you can contact DR Accounting, LLC the old fashioned way by dialing the number below.

In the rare occasion where an in-person meeting is necessary and Zoom is not an option, DR Accounting, LLC requests meeting outside, that provided disposable face masks and gloves be worn, social distancing is maintained and that the interaction is kept to a minimum.

By working together to minimize the Covid-19 risks, while respecting these challenging times, we will succeed. Thank you for your continued understanding and coorperation.

(715) 600-6790